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Masada Waste Management Company SL. Ltd. was handed the two main legal dumpsites in Freetown to conduct its waste collection and disposal activities effectively.  These two approved and legal dumpsites in the Freetown Municipality include:


a. The Kingtom Dumpsite

b. The Kissy Dumpsite


The Kingtom Dumpsite is the oldest and the largest dumpsite in Freetown. It is located in the West end of Freetown with land acreage of 42.75 acres. Historically, this dumpsite was established in the 1940s during the Second World War. It was mainly used then by the Allied Forces as a dumping ground for their derelict naval vessels.


The Kissy Dumpsite was established in 1984 when Kissy began to grow into an urban. Kingtom Dumpsite was then the only dumpsite and could not accommodate the huge volume of waste generated by the ever increasing populace in the East end of Freetown, coupled with the long distance waste collection trucks have to cover before reaching the Kingtom dumpsite.

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